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Offline Map Help

Our maps are simple to use, but sometimes things go wrong or are not as obvious as they should be. Our apologies if this is the case. We are committed to helping you should any problem arise and to fixing bugs as quickly as possible. Here we have a selection of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Is there another way of buying your apps apart from Google Play?

The short answer is: no. We distribute our apps only via Google Play.

We are aware that some customers would like to purchase via PayPal, directly by credit or debit card or even in cash. Of course we would like to take your business, but administering different payment methods is a costly and potentially insecure affair. We have therefore chosen not to offer any other payment method.

We believe that Google Checkout is a safe and convenient way for both our customers and us. Apart from securely managing your payments without revealing your payment details (like credit card numbers) to app developers, Google Play also ensures that your are notified of updates and that apps that you purchase come from a traceable source and have been virus-checked before installation. We strongly advise against installing apps from unknown sources as such apps are more likely to carry spyware that can compromise your privacy.

Our apologies, if this means you are not able to buy our apps.

Download does not start

I bought your map from Google Play, but the download does not start.

Sometimes the download from Google Play does not start for a long time. This can have several reasons:

Our maps are very large apps and some carriers restrict what you can download over your 2G or 3G connection, so that large downloads work only over Wifi.

Sometimes it takes longer to process your payment.

Sometimes the network or Google Play is very busy.

Unfortunately, we as application developers cannot influence the download process. This is entirely in the hands of Google and your network provider.

However, so far every single map download eventually succeeded. But if you do not want to wait, you can cancel your purchase on Google Play.

Installation Error

The app has been downloaded from Google Play, but after starting the app the map never shows.

This is most likely happening because your device has run out of storage. Many of our maps require quite a large storage space on your device because of the size of the map area and the level of detail.

To fix this problem, you first need to make sure that you have enough free storage space on your Android device. For this go to Settings->Apps where there is shown if your device is short on storage space. If this is the case, free some memory.

Once you have enough free storage space, go to Settings->Apps->(Your Map) Offline and select 'Clear Data'. This will reset the app into the state when it was downloaded from Google Play. The next time you start the app, it will reinitialize: just give it some time. After the first start, the maps load very quickly.

If this does not work, it is possible that the download got corrupted. Go to Settings->Apps->(Your Map) Offline and select 'Uninstall'. Then go to Google Play and download the app again, this will not cost you anything. Once it has been downloaded again, just open it and it should start.


The compass points in the wrong direction or there is no compass needle visible.

The compass feature depends on your device's hardware capabilities. Some devices do not support the compass feature at all and in this case the compass needle will not be visibile. If you believe that your device supports a compass, please contact us so we can investigate your particular device.

If the compass needle does not point north, it is most likely that your device is not calibrated. Unfortunately, there is no universal way to calibrate the compass in an Android device.

However, the following steps usually help to calibrate the compass:

Make sure you are standing in an open space, preferably outdoors, away from power lines, rail roads, large magnetic objects. Then rotate the device around all three axis a few times:

end over end (flip) side over side (roll) screen-up rotation (spin)

If this does not help, please consult your device's manual.